GREENWOOD VILLAGE — Time is running out for long-term residents of hotels and motels in Greenwood Village after the City Council decided to limit people to 29 days, putting an end to a housing option relied upon by laborers hired for construction projects and low-income families unable to afford the Denver area’s rising rental market.

An ordinance approved by the Greenwood Village City Council in July capping the duration of hotel and motel visits in the city to no more than 29 days is now in effect.

The city said the move was necessary because hotels are not equipped to operate as long-term living facilities and use of hot plates and cooking implements in rooms not wired or designed to handle such items pose a fire hazard.

Opponents of the measure say Greenwood Village’s restriction on hotel stays in the affluent city is unreasonable and unfair. Extended-stay hotels, which represent four of the city’s 13 hotels or motels, are exempt from the new law, the Denver Post reported Saturday (

"I think it’s stupid," said Ian Flowerday, a construction superintendent who has been staying at the Motel 6 at the Interstate 25 and Arapahoe Road interchange since June. "If residents are not causing trouble and they’re paying, they should be able to stay as long as they want."

City manager Jim Sanderson said the city has been working with long-term hotel guests to help get them into alternate accommodations. Most have moved on in the four months since the measure passed, but a few have received extensions from the city to stay a little longer.

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