Green Oaks Greenwood Village Homes Housing Report

Our team has been helping cliuents with Greenwood Village Homes over the past months. Due to the high number of buyers in the market, we have constant requests for the most recent statistics. We recently prepared this report for one of our clients,…


When Camping in Colorado, Remember You’re in Bear Country

Have you ever been to the state of Colorado or are you maybe considering it as a potential vacation destination at some point in the future? While home to a permanent population of just under 5 and a half million people, this western…


Millennials in Dentistry: the Generational Trifecta of Tech, Priorities, and Finance

Millennial dentists are changing the face of the profession. While the industry is still dominated by boomers, it’s the millennials who are shaping the future and setting new trends. There’s a generational hand-off happening in the dental industry, and the impact is changing…


Retired Marine, Now a Hypnotherapist in Colorado Springs, Works to Heal Disease and Illness

Right off, some people think David Thomson is a quack. Case in point, Ohio resident Nick Sass’ recovery from pancreatitis became a case study at a teaching hospital in Detroit. But Sass withdrew from the research project because staff wouldn’t believe how he…


Science Meets Art – on a Wall in Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry

Endocrinology by prominent Montreal artist Marian Dale Scott graces the second-floor conference room in Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry. By McGill Reporter Staff A large avant-garde science mural by the prominent artist Marian Dale Scott is being painstakingly restored in the Strathcona Anatomy and…


3-Team-Deal: Clippers Holen Gallinari

Die L.A. Clippers haben ihren Wunschspieler bekommen und Danilo Gallinari von den Denver Nuggets verpflichtet, wie ESPN berichtet. In den Deal waren auch die Atlanta Hawks involviert. Gallinari unterschreibt bei den Clippers im Rahmen eines Sign-and-Trade-Deals für drei Jahre und 65 Millionen Dollar,…


Holcroft Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Provides Periodontal Treatment

Holcroft Cosmetic and Family Dentistry offers a number of services, including periodontal treatment. And, because issues involving your gums can end up as pretty serious ones, this is not a service to overlook. As periodontal problems progress, they can result in damage to…


Can Virtual Reality Make Visiting the Dentist Bearable? Science Says It Can

On the spectrum of fun things to do, going to the dentist is somewhere in between scrubbing the toilet and filing taxes. But growing up means doing responsible things even if you don’t want to, so the wise ones among us begrudgingly recline…


Greenwood Village Voters: A Walkable Community? Not in Our Backyard!

Part of the carscape around Orchard Station. Photo: David Sachs In March, the Greenwood Village City Council decided they’d let voters dictate whether the Orchard RTD light rail station should anchor a walkable neighborhood. In a special election Tuesday, residents shot down the…


How to Find the Dentist You Need

Dentist You Need

Finding a dentist is not that difficult. You just have to look them up on the internet and see what you can find out about them. Here’s more on researching what your options are so that you can get started on finding someone…