Have you ever been to the state of Colorado or are you maybe considering it as a potential vacation destination at some point in the future? While home to a permanent population of just under 5 and a half million people, this western state is a popular destination for vacationers during the winter and summer both. It is particularly popular amongst the camping and fishing crowd, especially during the warmer months of spring and summer. Keep reading below to learn about one important factor you must remember if you’re planning a camping trip in Colorado.

Colorado has a diverse landscape that includes tall mountains, fast running rivers, and even dry deserts. It’s this diversity that makes the state such a popular choice for the outdoor living crowd, especially those who are into camping. One thing you must remember when camping in Colorado is you are in bear country.

Black bear are plentiful all throughout the state, and especially in national park locations that campers often choose for their camping adventure. Recently, a woman was attacked in Aspen Acres Campground just outside of Rye, Colorado. Luckily, the woman only suffered a few minor injuries, but unfortunately the bear had to be put down. The entire situation could have been avoided had the woman simply practiced a few common bear prevention techniques.

In her case, she was eating dinner inside her tent because it was raining and she didn’t want to get wet. Eating inside your tent is a no no in bear country. Bears have a very keen sense of smell and the scent of food can attract them from miles away. By keeping food inside your tent, you put yourself at risk of a bear confrontation that could have easily been avoided, which is exactly what happened here. The bear likely had no idea there was a human inside when it pounced on the tent to get to the food inside.

Camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities people like to do in the state of Colorado are meant to be fun and safe, with everyone making it home safe and sound afterwards. This includes local wildlife as well. If you find yourself camping in Colorado or any other state where bear are common, be sure to practice bear safety so that you, your family and bears as well will all find their way home safely.